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Tania Chodasewicz - Hip Hop

Our resident hip hop teacher (and talented tap dancer), Tania, has a great sense of rhythm and musicality which she transfers to her students in her vibrant classes. 


Tania has been dancing for over 20 years, starting with jazz, ballet, tap, Irish, contemporary and at last finding her calling with hip hop. Completing a Bachelor of Arts (Major in Dance) at University, Tania has great industry experience, having performed at numerous events with her hip hop crew, NYA, including the Sydney Korean Festival, Chinese New Year parade, Battlegrounds Hip Hop Competition and several film clips. Accompanying her performance career, Tania has also choreographed for some of the Industry’s best artists, such as Ramos Jakob.


Tania thrives off witnessing her students’ progress each and every week, but her teaching high comes from the joy on their faces when they are in the zone and having a ball! Whether she is teaching kids the running man or an intricate hip hop combination, her upbeat and fun classes are enjoyed by all age groups and levels.

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