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Nerida Harrison 

There is one word that best describes Nerida. She’s RAD! Our expert RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) ballet teacher, her eye for detail and attention to her students is second to none. Working with students from pre-primary to open, her commitment is proven as her students continue to grow.


Nerida started her classical ballet training at the tender age of five at the ‘Helene France School of Ballet’. Completing her RAD examinations, she continued to study Jazz with Kerry Woods and then became a student of the Young Entertainer’s Company, forming Rhythm ‘n’ Motion, which saw Nerida’s professional career take off overseas.


Returning to Australia, she dabbled in the corporate world until her heart lead her back to dance, gaining her Royal Academy of Dance Teaching Licence in 1998. 


Now the Chairperson of the RAD Regional Panel for NSW, Nerida coaches her students through their own ballet journey, seeing them through RAD examinations for more than 20 years.


Combining discipline with encouragement, Nerida is an enthusiastic teacher who cares about her students at NBD, she has been teaching RAD ballet at NBD for almost a decade! Her grounded nature and enthusiasm are a great motivator to our ballet students as they progress from pre-primary to the highest levels of RAD.

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